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UK Campus and University Maps

Are you searching for a visually stunning and personalised map of a UK university?

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Our graphic design service includes creating bespoke campus and university maps. Our services are offered for not only universities in the UK, but US college campuses, community collages, and any educational facility – big or small!

We understand that each UK university has its own unique charm and character. With this in mind, we aim to capture the distinctive features of your institution, creating a masterpiece that truly reflects its spirit, while offering the information needed to get around. From the historic buildings and landmarks to the sprawling campuses and intricate pathways, every detail is thoughtfully incorporated to provide an immersive and accurate representation.

Interested in a custom UK university map for your campus?

Map Of University Town Centre

Every so often a university campus coincides with a town or city centre. This isn’t a problem for us! Taking into consideration the specific features, architectural styles, and cultural nuances of your town centre, we can create a map that reflects the identity of your university town centre. We can work closely with you to incorporate your university’s and town centre’s branding to creating a map that not only provides wayfinding assistance but also reinforces your university’s visual identity.

Why Choose a Custom Uk University Map?

When you get in touch for a bespoke campus or university map, we ensure that they go beyond marketing pieces; they serve as invaluable tools for finding spaces around campus. We aim to focus on clarity and user-friendliness, ensuring that with our campus maps, anyone can easily locate key buildings, facilities, departments, and landmarks, keeping freshers and parents alike from getting lost. 

Whether it’s a prospective student exploring the campus for the first time, a new student needing to know where their next class is, or a parent hoping to get a better idea of their child’s new life, our maps are designed to simplify the experience.

A custom-made map of your UK university is for more than just navigation. It serves as a powerful representation of your institution’s brand identity. 

When we design your map, we can seamlessly incorporate your university’s colors, logos, and typography.

With our maps, you can proudly showcase your university’s heritage, achievements, and core values.

Branding in your UK University Map

Our Attention to Detail

When it comes to creating your campus and university map, quality isn’t an option. We craft each map in detail, paying attention to every line, label, and element. 

We make sure that your new map is not only great to look at, but also portrays accurate and important information.

With a perfect balance of creativity and precision, our maps become timeless pieces of informative art that capture the essence of your university.

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