Design Maps

Graphic Design Meets Cartography

Mapping & Graphic Design by Designmaps

Designmaps provides custom maps and graphic services for hundreds of clients worldwide. We are custom mapping specialists, and can design and produce the following maps for any application or media.

Working with Designmaps

No custom mapping project is too large or too small, nor too exotic or out of the way. We specialize in providing custom mapping services for a wide range of enterprises, including hotels, publishing, tourism, marketing, advertising and real estate. We have designed maps for every continent, so can source map data in remote areas.

We are passionate about creating attractive eye-catching maps and graphics and take pride in the quality of our work and ability to exceed our clients expectations. See References

Working Methods

When working with a client for the first time, we assess how the map or graphic is to be used and how it will relate to the target audience. We ensure that the new map adheres to the clients’ brand standards. All of our maps are created in Adobe Illustrator and are fully customizable, both in content and style. See Work

Ordering Process

You can email your request, (see below link). We will typically get in touch with you the same day to discuss your project or send samples that may be relevant to your project. We’ll determine a due date for final files to be completed and get all the specifics such as parameter of map, detail amount, style and target information. We’ll usually incorporate a few rounds of drafts into the deadline to ensure that the map contains all the relevant information by final file deadline. We usually deliver a print-ready pdf.

We charge a license fee to use our artwork, similar to art and music licensing. This fee depends on the complexity of the map and the time needed to create it. Once you are satisfied with final product, we’ll email you an invoice and supply you with a link to follow to pay online.