Running, Walking and Trail Maps

Our mission is to craft personalized running, walking, and trail maps that resonate with your unique sense of exploration.

We understand that these routes aren’t just paths; they’re experiences waiting to be lived. We make sure to design each map with a blend of creativity, and accuracy so that your guests know exactly what they’re getting out of the journey.

Every turn, every landmark, and every detail is meticulously rendered to ensure that your new map is ready to welcome

Whether you’re orchestrating a race, welcoming new students to your university, or enhancing guest experiences at your hotel or resort, our custom maps are designed to leave a lasting impression.

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Who Needs Running Maps?

Hotels and Resorts

Anyone who is traveling is likely to be adventurous! Enhance their stay by providing them with local running and trail maps


Universities often take on students who aren’t from the local area. Offering maps of local running and walking spots is a great way to help your new students settle in.


Offer custom maps of your race route so that runners know exactly where they’ll have to be on race day!

Parks and Nature Trails

Offer custom maps of your race route so that runners know exactly where they’ll have to be on race day!

Running and Walking Maps For Schools

Welcoming students to a new campus is an experience in itself. We understand the importance of providing a warm and informative welcome. Provide walking path maps to your students so that they can enjoy the local nature as well.
Interested in university campus maps? We do those too!

Every destination has its hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered. We partner with hotels and resorts to provide custom local maps that unveil the heart of the locale. From charming neighborhoods to picturesque routes, our maps transform the guest experience, ensuring that every stay is enriched with exploration.

Walking Maps for Hotels and Resorts

Trail Maps

Nature’s wonders are best explored on the right path. At DesignMaps, we offer custom trail maps designed for those who seek the beauty of the great outdoors. These maps are perfect for national parks, and other popular hiking spots. Our trail maps are a great addition to any natural walking spot.

Race events demand precision and excitement, and that’s exactly what our custom race maps deliver. Whether you’re organizing a city marathon, a scenic trail run, or a combination of both! With DesignMaps, you’re not just charting a course; you’re creating an unforgettable journey that leaves a mark on every racer.

Race Route Maps

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