Hotel Maps

Custom Maps for Hotels

I’ve worked with all kinds of hotels all over the United States to create bespoke maps for their guests. These are a great way to help your guests feel more welcome in what is usually an unfamiliar area.

The maps can be used either digitally, or can be printed for you to use at your front desk.

Maps that we’ve made for hotel clients

Printing Solutions

At Designmaps, we offer various printing solutions so that you can get the perfect map for your business.

  • Standard Page Print: a standard map print on a single piece of paper
  • Tear Off Map Pads: Printed at any size, our map pads come in sets of 50 and are perfect for sitting at the front desk
  • Pocket Mate: Fits perfectly in your wallet. Easy and efficient!

Surrounding Area Hotel Maps

These maps can be used to help hotel guests get a better idea what is nearby including hikes, bike trails, restaurants, and popular tourist attractions in the area.

Washington D.C. Hotel Map

Hotel Map Illustrated Plan

If you run a resort or a large hotel, then an illustrated plan of the grounds, and all the important facilities will are invaluable for your guests. With these maps, you can make sure that your guests never get lost, and are able to take advantage of everything that your establishment offers.